Market research recruiting is hard?
Not anymore!

Finding respondents can be a challenge.
Olivia sets your project on autopilot.

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Why Olivia?

Olivia is an app to set up complex market research studies in minutes and will save you countless hours. And headaches, of course.

Imagine your market research project has...

  • 17 different products to evaluate
  • 400 participants to recruit
  • 512 possible time slots
  • 42 one-on-one interviews
  • 8 focus groups
  • quantitative surveys
  • and 7 recruiters to help you recruit

Sound familiar? Setting up this project will be easy with Olivia. In addition, you will have Excel exports with all your data, PDF invitations to download, check in of participants, and statistics about the current status of your project.

experience with market research studies
15+ years
For client projects in 2023
93% showrate
Recruiters on your team

See Olivia in action!

These are just a few of the features that Olivia offers.
Click to see a short video of the feature.

1. Booking system

Booking respondents is as simple as possible:
- Select the product
- Select the date
- Enter the bame of the participant. Done!

2. Questions? Sure!

You might have a lot of questions. Olivia can take care of them for you. Multiple choice, open text, importing or reordering questions... all included.

3. Setup up studies

You need a focus group with 2 of your 6 different products? Different quotas and modes? No problem. Olivia can handle it.



With Olivia, you can set up your research project in minutes. You invite your recruiters and Olivia will take care of the rest.

Cutting edge technology
Olivia is a modern app that is built with security in mind. And: Olivia is fast. Supersonic fast!
Unlimited recruiters
Add as many recruiters as you need to your project. Zero restrictions for you and your team. No matter how big or small your project is.
Your data is your data
Only you have access to your data. Of course, you can export your data at any time and delete your project.
Made in Germany
Olivia is built & hosted in Germany. We are subject to the strict German data protection laws.
PDF invitations & Excel export
Olivia can create PDF invitations with your branding. You need Excel export for your analysis? Yes, all included!
On site check-in
Check in participants on site. Keep track of who is present and who is not. No more paper lists!

Set your recruiting on autopilot.
Start using Olivia today.

Invite external recruiters, export to Excel, PDF invitations, check ins and statistics – all included. Try every feature of Olivia for free.